Warning: A Chinese Phone Can Be the Next Cause of Your Stress


Do you own a Chinese phone? If yes, it can be the next cause of your stress.

Look! We know that we have just made a bold statement. Anyway, it’s true because we have a solid back up to prove our statement right.

A security analyst Samantha Hoffman said: “China has a high level of control over its citizens’ technology. By the way, it may even affect those who don’t reside in the Chinese territory.

At the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, she published a paper called Engineering Global Consent, which clearly depict the data-driven power expansion strategy of China’s Communist Party.

Bill Clinton says, the regulation of free speech online would be pointless for China. Unfortunately, what he said isn’t right at all. Chinese Communist Party is really achieving its goal of shaping up its external world.Chinese Phones Are Threat to Your Privacy Wait! Are we going off-topic? Well, without doing so, it won’t be possible for you to understand what we’re about to tell.

How Low-Priced Android Smartphones Can Be A Threat to Your Privacy

We can’t take a particular name, many Chinese Android smartphones recently had privacy and security leakage. Back then, a Russian antivirus firm found out that mobile phones of Nomu and Leagoo had a pre-installed malware. Chinese phones are threat to your privacy

If we talk about another case, there’s a company called BLU, which used to snoop through its built-in adware. Do you know that Amazon suspended its sales?

From passwords to personal messages, contact numbers to files, secret memos to schedule – there’s a lot to worry about.

Why Mobile Companies Won’t Think Twice Before Stealing Your Informationchinese phones are threat to your privacy

There are multiple reasons for doing so. Chinese mobile phone companies have really played wrong with their image. Those who are not doing so are also considered as part of stealers.

A company injects spyware, adware, malware, and many other kinds of wares for the purpose of political, economic, social and other gains.

What Do We Say?

First of all, only Chinese phones are not the real culprit. There can be many other companies. We recommend you to research and learn about these things. Otherwise, you will become the victim.

A little bit of information leakage can turn your world upside down for sure.

Although we mentioned CCP, it doesn’t mean that it’s the only culprit. There are many political parties like Chinese Communist that thrive to steal information for the sake of leverage.

It seems that the next war would be technological.

Apart from this, we also recommend you to purchase a good antivirus for your smartphone. This is the only thing that can ensure a high level of security.

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