Here’s What You Need to Know About Usman vs Covington Match: UFC 245


Are you ready to discover Usman vs Covington: UFC 245 match updates?
On one end, we have Colby Covington, who is known as the king of chaos. On the other hand, we have Kamaru Usman, who is known for having a great striking style.

Usman vs Covington Match Tickets
Currently, both battlers already went through the war of words.
From Usman vs Covington schedule to Usman vs Covington live stream – we’re about to reveal many UFC 245 updates.


Usman vs Covington Match Date and Time

According to updates, it appears that the Usman vs Covington match date and time will be 14th December 2019 and 5 p.m. ET respectively.
If we talk about the venue, the match is going to take place at T-Mobile Arena.
T-Mobile Arena an indoor arena, which exists in Las Vegas. In addition to UFC, many events like boxing and concerts take place here.


How to Buy Usman vs Covington Match Tickets

Fortunately, there’s no need to wait in the long queues. Usman vs Covington match tickets are available online. You can purchase them from the official website of T-Arena.
Currently, tickets are not that much expensive. You can get your ticket for just 100 bucks.

Usman vs Covington Conference Highlights
Unfortunately, the conference didn’t go well. It’s surprising to note that fans don’t need to take any favours. Usman and Covington’s face-to-face clash already happened at the conference.
Covington accused Usman because of EPO. He insulted him saying, “you failed the drug test. Perhaps, that’s why the fight got delayed.”


Usman vs Covington Predictions

According to research, it turns out that Usman is slightly better than Covington. He never underestimates the negative.
Moreover, Usman’s cardio capabilities make him a powerful athlete. A fighter who hasn’t experienced Usman yet may not be able to survive his attacks.
Anyway, Covington has proved himself as the best several times. We shouldn’t underestimate his skills. He has passed 4 years in a row without losing.


How to Stream Usman vs Covington Match

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Is Covington vs Usman Match Worth Watching?
Of course, the match is worth watching. These two players have real skills under their sleeves. And you know what?
When things get unpredictable, they get pretty entertaining too.
Although Usman seems a bit tough, Covington isn’t any less. He will definitely push hard to claim the victory.

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