Rihanna Denied to Perform for Super Bowl 2020 Half Time Show


Alright! There were rumours that Rihanna denied to perform for Super Bowl 2020 Half Time show. Unfortunately, it wasn’t rumour at all.

In a Vogue interview, she didn’t even think twice to go away from this opportunity. She denied to perform with Colin Kaepernick.


Rihanna Denied to Perform for Super Bowl 2020


“There are some things that don’t fit well within my agreement,” Rihanna said.

Why won’t she deny? She has her own principles. After all, she’s one of the wealthiest female musicians of all time. Her net worth is approximately $600 million.

“I don’t want to be a sellout. This doesn’t suit me. Who will get benefit from this? Of course, my people are not going to gain anything from here.

Wait! Does this mean she hate Super Bowl? Perhaps, yes!

Recently, she posted a video of herself in which she mocked a fellow passenger asking the right way to watch Super Bowl 2020.


Rihanna Turned Down Super Bowl 2020


In addition to this, she conveyed her rudeness in the month of September. At that time, the Entertainment Tonight asked Rihanna about the Super Bowl 2020.

We must say – it was their biggest mistake to ask such a question because Rihanna said that I still have an album to finish. And you’re asking me about the Super Bowl? You know what? My fans won’t leave my neck.


Who Will Perform for Super Bowl 2020?

Rihanna Denied to Perform in Super Bowl


If Rihanna isn’t going to perform for Super Bowl 2020, then who will?

Along with these rumours, it was on the trend that artists like Drake, Travis Scott, and Big Boi will perform for the Super Bowl 2020.

However, we’re still not sure whether the above-mentioned artists will perform or not. But still, it’s confirmed that Shakira and Jennifer Lopez are together going to headline the Super Bowl 2020 show.

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