PUBG Mobile Lite is now available on Google Play


A smaller version of the most popular mobile game in the world, PUBG hits a wider range of smartphones. The game which is called PUBG Mobile Lite is currently available to download on Google Play in “several regions” of Southeast Asia, South Asia, North Africa, and South America.

We all know that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, which is also known as PUBG, is pretty much popular around the world on all platforms including PC, consoles, and mobile. There are reports that the game in July earned $167M and the game has more than 50 million daily players as of June. The new version of the game, which is PUBG Mobile Lite will increase the presence of the original game in the market as it will be widely available on all mobile devices now onwards.

There are reports that the developers of the game have introduced some major changes in the game following which the game will now run on lower-end smartphones that are not equipped with premium hardware. Also, the game with the new version will also be played on the smaller map which will have only 60 players playing at a time. Earlier, the standard version of the game allowed 100 players to play the game on a certain map.

In the PUBG Mobile Lite version, the players will get more loot and they will be able to heal themselves more quickly that too in any stance except prone. Regarding the shooting part, the developers have worked in a way that the shooting has become more accurate even on weaker network connections. Also, the new version of the game will have “enhanced aim assist, no bullet drop effect on longer-distance shots, and less weapon recoil.”

Developed by Chinese gaming giant Tencent and PUBG Corp, the new version of the game will require 490MB of free space to download. The original game, on the other hand, required 1.6GB of free space.

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