It’s Time to Prevent Suicides Using Artificial Intelligence


Do you know who Li Fan is? He’s an adult student who tried to kill himself after posting a short message on the Chinese social media which is known as “Weibo.”

He wrote, “I can’t take this anymore. I’m going to give up.”

Li Fan’s accounts were in debt. Along with this, he also has a mother to take care. Anyway, he was suffering from depression.

prevent suicides using artificial intelligence.

Fortunately, a computer in Amsterdam detected the post and shared it everywhere in China.

The loop ended at the local police. As a result, they saved him.

Although the news seems extraordinary, the truth is – Tree Hole Rescue team saved one life. The founder of such a great initiative is Huang Zhisheng.

Huan Zhisheng is an initiative founder of the Tree Hole Rescue team.  In other words, we can say that he’s the person who first thought that we can even prevent suicides using artificial intelligence. By the way, he’s a senior artificial intelligence researcher at the Free University Amsterdam.


Is Such An Artificial Intelligence Helpful Enough?


In the last 18 months, the program has helped in rescuing around 700 suicides across China.

“A second of hesitation may lead to the loss of various lives,” Mr Huang Zhisheng clarified to BBC News.

“We were able to save almost 10 people every week.” He added.prevent suicides using artificial intelligence


Was it a Luck?

Look! Many other similar cases are out there. We can’t say that it’s 100% luck. According to a Beijing psychologist, Li Hong, such type of rescues require experience as well as luck.

We believe that Li Hong must be right because he has been involved in this for a year.


How Much is Weibo Helping?

According to updates, it appears that the Weibo isn’t truly collaborating. It’s limiting the action of web crawlers. Mr Huang says, “we are able to gather only 3,000 entries every day.”

“So, we can only save one or two a day on average and we choose to focus on the most urgent cases.”

Such a limitation is diminishing the power of true legends. In such a scenario, the Tree Hole Rescue can save only the most urgent cases. Unfortunately, the remaining ones stay at stake.


What are Mis Li’s Opinions?

“My life is almost occupied by rescuing people. Currently, my schedule is very tiring. At present, 8 people whom I saved in the past are in contact with me.

She has shown gratitude for those people who work offline to help them. In fact, she illustrated “it’s true we can track things online. But still, we’re nothing without offline support. We always need someone to get into the main business.”


Are Mr Li and Mis Li Happy?

Of course, they both are happy. Mr Li said, “I really like this job because it helps me meet people of various mindset.”

In addition to this, he also explained that the success of our rescue team depends on the efforts of each individual. We together worked hard to achieve a long-term solution.

What’s Best?

The best thing about Tree Hole Rescue team is – they never reveal names. Rescued people were represented with a fictional name. This is nothing but another way to reduce depression.

Apart from everything, we should acknowledge that suicide is a big concern. We all should step forward to prevent it. If someone you know is behaving abnormally, you can take help from here.

Although we don’t know who you are, you should keep in mind that nothing remains permanent. If you’re also facing miseries in life, just believe in yourself and move forward. Like other things, your problems won’t stay forever.

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