No Time to Die Trailer Review: My Predict about the future of bond franchise?


The trailer of 25th edition of 007 movie has arrived and fans went crazy about the film. There were too many controversies buzzing in the air before the last appearance of Daniel Craig as “James Bond”.  Now I’m going to break down the trailer and let you know what you can expect from the film. So, let’s get started.

No Time to Die Trailer Review

The 25th edition of the James Bond franchise is directed by Joji Fukunaga whose previous work has been praised a lot. He is the first American and also Asian descendant to direct “James Bond”. As mentioned earlier this is the last appearance of Daniel Craig as James Bond, there was lots of rumor that new “007” could be a women. Ever since Lashana Lynch was cast, movie lovers started to believe that this could be the girl who will carry the torch. But in the trailer, she is just a “00”. It does not prove whether she is going to be next “007” or not. In the introductory scene Lashana warns Bond by saying “the world’s moved on, Commander Bond” and promising him “You get in my way and I will put a bullet in your knee … the one that works”. That’s a hell of an introduction we must say but the future of the Bond remained unclear.

Dr. Madeleine Swann played by Léa Seydoux will be playing an essential role in this movie. Here comes an important detail about the movie. M impatiently asked “Where is 007”? In the very next scene, James can be seen standing in front of a lake. This means Bond is no more answering the phone. He left his career and almost everything for Swann and she broke his heart. This is the reason Bond was so angry in car scene. Another scene confirms this theory when Q became astonished by seeing Bond.

Many 007 fans who allegedly said Craig’s lack of acting talent may shut their mouth now. Throughout the trailer whenever Craig appeared in the screen you can actually see his acting talent. Anger, restlessness and emotions all can be seen by looking at his face.  Another big addition to this movie is to cast Rami Malek as the villain. Rami Malek’s work for “Bohemian Rhapsody” and winning Oscar definitely worked as an essential matter to cast this star. Rami is the only 3rd actor to play James Bond villain who has Oscar on his bucket. Rami’s performance surely adds benefit to the James Bond franchise. His horribly disfigured face gives a sign that how evil he can possibly be. You can remember, in every James Bond movie where villain has facial disfigurement can be so evil in their work. This gives Rami a tremendous opportunity to show his acting talent to become a super villain.

Apart from casting, there are several signature things that have been included in the film. The famous dialogue “Bond, James Bond” will surely give you Goosebumps. Bond will be riding his favorite “Aston Martin” with modification and gadgets thanks to “Q”.

Finally, in our opinion “No Time To Die” first look gives some positive vibes for fans who were really disappointed from previous films of the franchise. Many theories are still buzzing in the air from movie lovers about the future of “007” but as for now we have to wait for April 10, 2020 until it hits the theaters.

N.B This totally of my own opinion, Don’t take it personally. Share your opinion by comments. Thanks

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