Netflix’s ‘6 Underground’ Why Michael Bay’s Worst Film: Reviews


6 underground is already available everywhere and receiving too many negative reviews from the critics as well as general viewers. The trailer looked very promising and since then it was on watch list bucket of many movie lovers. Unfortunately, upon release of the film, the hype turned into negative direction. Although some audiences still loving the movie, overall impression of the movie is very bad.

Poster of 6 Underground


This was one of the big projects of Netflix and people also hoped to see a great entertainment as Netflix tied the knots with Transformer’s director Micheal Bay and Dead pool star Ryan Reynolds. Bay is known for his action direction and Ryan of course for his funny talkative image. Overall this could be a source of total entertainment for all but the movie failed miserably to do so.


Netflix is trying to establish a brand new franchise to compete with the big names like Disney or Warner Bro’s. Their attempt is appreciable but somehow they are still unable to do it. Netflix’s first endeavor at building up a film establishment with the 2017 science fiction film featuring Will Smith. Nielsen evaluated that 11 million individuals in the United States watched Bright inside the initial three days of its release. Be that as it may, fundamentally, the motion picture was a costly wreckage most regarded enlarged. 6 Underground lives in a comparable hazy area; a blockbuster by definition, however regarded another Netflix unique epic fail by critics. To know why it is an epic fail, let’s dig the story of 6 underground.


The film opens with a high speed car chase with 4 people inside. One of them obviously Ryan Reynolds. He played a mysterious billionaire character known as one. He aims to take down a wealthy dictator who bombed his own countrymen where Ryan was present. Ryan observed the cruelty of chemical attack first hand and decided to bring down the person who is behind all of this and replace him with the dictators own brother who is not happy with his brother actions. The “One” earned crazy amount of money by developing unique tracking system. So he faked his own death and started to plan a revenge against the dictator Rovach Alimov. “One” realized that it is not possible to take down a dictator by his own and started to recruit people from different background who are best in their job. He helped his fellow team mates to fake their death and gave them new identity so that no one could track them. He hired 5 more people and forms a team. With a team consist of 6 people; everything was going alright since they were chased by the bad people. At the end of the chase “One” lost one of his associates who was driving the car. So he decided to recruit another member and his best choice was a US military sniper who was suffering from severe depression as he blamed himself for the death of several member of his team in mission. In between those things, director tried to tell everyone’s background story behind joining the squad which was really disturbing and cut the flow of storytelling. This is the main base of 6 underground and the story continues with how they plan and execute their desire.


The movie scored 35% on Rotten Tomatoes based on the review of 56 critics around the globe. It is sure that this movie won’t be nominated for Golden Globe or Oscar. Despite all the negative reviews, it received a score of 65% from audience review. Here we can see a clear difference between the review of critics and general audience. The reason might be the action sequence, high speed car chase, lots of explosions and sense of humor of the characters. People have different taste and people who love clueless continuous action, it is a must watch movie for them. But it is clear that for the success of a movie non-stop action is not only the criteria. Storytelling and cinematography also plays an important role for the success of the movie.


Netflix has come a long way in just few years which reflects the acceptance of Netflix around the world. Netflix has already provided many critically acclaimed series but they are relatively new to develop original film. The streamer already spent $15 billion in 2009 and released 160 movies worldwide. No one is close to Netflix’s output. But Netflix has to understand the demand and taste of the viewers. Maybe in future, they would provide some tremendous successful films. It just might take some times and flops to get there.

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