NBA Live 20 will be released by the end of the year


On Tuesday, Electronic Arts delayed the release date of the NBA Live 20, and there are reports that the game will be released in the last quarter of the year. The company hasn’t said anything in public about the delay, but according to the annual earnings reports for the investors, NBA Live 20 along with FIFA 20, NHL 20 and MADDEN NFL 20 have been placed to release in the second quarter of 2020.

A detailed earning report for the first quarter of the fiscal year 2020 was released by Electronic Arts last Tuesday. The NBA Live 20 was seen in those slides, but instead, it was seen listed in the third quarter, which is from October to December. Thus it’s clearly visible now that the game will be released in the third quarter.

The company’s spokesperson shared the reason for the delay with the leading news channels and stated that they are now following a different approach for the game, and more info will be available in the upcoming months.

We have reports that 2K Sports, which is the biggest rival of EA sports, will be launching its Basketball edition in the most suitable time. There are reports that September is considered to be the best month for releasing the basketball game as this is just before the start of the regular NBA season. 2K Sports has been shifting its date towards the beginning of the month as compared to last year. 2K Sports NBA is going to be released on 6th September, the reports added.

There have been no updates from the company, neither in print media nor in social media regarding the NBA Live 20. The updates which can be seen are for the NBA Live 19.

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