Let’s Discover the Best Joshua vs Ruiz 2 Live Stream Reddit Predictions


Joshua vs Ruiz 2 predictions and analysis is going to be the impressive one. As you know, in the last match, Ruiz proved himself as the best fighter. Joshua is at that stage of life where he needs to prove that he’s not a loser. 

Don’t you think that the rematch is happening too soon? Still, who cares? Our main aim is to enjoy all these matches. In fact, it’s good that the rematch is happening. 

In this post, we’re going to reveal almost everything about Joshua vs Ruiz 2 rematch. 


Joshua vs Ruiz Rematch Date and Time 

Joshua vs Ruiz rematch date and time isn’t far away actually. It’s going to happen on the 7th December at 4 P.M EST. 

If you ask us, where Joshua vs Ruiz Rematch is going to take place, we would say – Saudi Arabia. No, we’re not kidding! 

The true location of the Joshua vs Ruiz match is in Diriyah, Saudi Arabia. 


How to Get Joshua vs Ruiz Rematch Tickets 

Fortunately, you don’t need to stand in the long queues. Joshua vs Ruiz rematch tickets are available on their official website. But still, the tickets are a bit expensive.

The cheapest seats of the match are there for 100 GBP. Think about it yourself? How expensive the good ones should be?

Don’t worry! We’ve still a chance. You can search on either Craigslist or Gumtree for cheap. Moreover, you can ask your friends. 


Ruiz vs Joshua Last Match Highlights

We must say – the last match was terrible for Joshua because Ruiz won the match. He achieved heavyweight title via TKO in the 7th round. 

Here’s a quick fact for you. Andy Ruiz Jr. was able to earn around $7 million for knocking out Joshua. Amazing, isn’t it? 


Joshua vs Ruiz 2 Predictions

There are not much Joshua vs Ruiz 2 predictions. If you’ve been following up these matches, you must be aware of the performance of both players. In June, Ruiz already proved that he is better. If he had won the match back then, he may win it again. 

However, if Joshua faces Ruiz with a new skill set, he may also win.  


How to Live Stream Ruiz vs Joshua 2 Fight Free Online?


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Now you must be wondering – how do we know? 

Well, we have been there. Many fellows lost the opportunity. We don’t want you to lose this one like them.  


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