Jennifer and Shakira Are Going to Vibe the 2020 Super Bowl halftime Show


Some are biting nails, some are changing channels dynamically, some are asking their friends, and some are even listening on the Radio. We must say – true super bowl and music fans are desperately following the Super Bowl LIV updates.

Are you one of these fans? Of course, you are! Otherwise, you would not even search about the super bowl in the first place. Anyway, we are about to reveal who may perform in the upcoming Super Bowl halftime show 🔥🔥🔥.

Here’s What ESPN Announced about the Super Bowl halftime show

ESPN’s Adam Schefter Thursday reports never lie. Yes, Super Bowl 2020 halftime show is going to be with one of the most beautiful actress (Jennifer Lopez) and fantastic singer (Shakira).

It would be a perfect team up between these two super women because they both have been connected to Latin music.

If you don’t know about these two wonderful women, we’ve mapped out a small glimpse of their past.


Shakira is a 42-year-old Colombian singer, who created a World Cup 2010 Anthem called “Waka Waka.” In fact, most people know Shakira because of that anthem.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez has collaborated with Gloria and Pitbull in the past. In 1999, she has already performed for the Super Bowl in Miami. Lopez has achieved a plethora of Oscars.

What’s Our Prediction?

Okay, enough about the Shakira and Lopez. Apart from them, who else can perform for the Super Bowl 2020 half time show? Look! There are many great artists such as:

  • Ariana Grande
  • BTS
  • Drake
  • Ed Sheeran

Let’s see who may come after them.

Quick Fact: Shakira and Lopez Will Earn $0 for Super Bowl 2020 Halftime Performance

It’s surprising to note that the NFL doesn’t agree to pay its performers. Now, you must be thinking that they are unfair to these two superstars, right?

Well, the truth is – It’s a longstanding policy of the NFL and Pepsi. Their work is to pay multi-million dollars for halftime show production costs. They don’t promise to pay a fee to their performers.

Yes, you’re right. Artists like Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, and Justin Timberlake had recently performed without getting paid.

And you know what? Instead of paying, they thought about charging artists for their performance. The exposure an artist gets from millions of dollars of advertising is equal to this super bowl performance. After all, there are many fans of Super Bowl as well.

What Went Wrong?

What you have heard in the above section isn’t wrong. Do you know the fact that Rihanna rejected to perform with Colin Kaepernick for the Super Bowl 2020 half time show?

Although there are multiple reasons for such refusal, the primary one is sellout. She doesn’t want to be a sellout. Why would she be? She’s world’s one of the wealthiest musicians.

Alright! Are You Ready for the Super Bowl 2020?

Your favourite Super Bowl 2020 is going to take place on 2nd February 2020 at the Hard Rock Stadium.

The cost of the ticket is a bit expensive. You won’t believe that the tickets are starting at $3,666. Along with packages, a single ticket may cost around $4,500

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