Is TikTok Trustable? Let’s See!


Is TikTok trustable? What do you think?

Alright! At present, TikTok holds around half a billion active users across the globe. In such a huge community, most of the users belong to the early 20s or teens age group.

Is tiktok trustable?

In a short span, TikTok has become one of the top platforms for memes and hilarious videos.

Anyway, enough history! We’re here to reveal whether TikTok is trustable or not.


Let’s View it From the Politicians Perspective

There are various politicians who are concerned about the owner of Bytedance. They believe that the Chinese owner of the app may pose a threat to their national security.

In addition to this, some users have also raised few questions regarding their safety.


How TikTok Works?

Most of the teenagers make 10-30 second videos. Many of them always lip-sync to popular songs and comedy dialogues. However, some pros also come up with rare editing skills.

By default, these videos are available to public. But still, users who want to limit the access may restrict that from the given settings.

Along with this, TikTok also allows you to send private messages. This feature is limited to friends’ circle only.

The platform is available for any person who is above the age of 13.


Why TikTok Users Began to Raise Questions?

There are many critics in US regarding the users’ privacy.

The former chief security officer of Facebook and current Stanford professor, Alex Stamos recently tweeted about the concern.

According to a Washington post report, the former team of the US Content Vetting asked to remove clips featuring pornography and terrorism. As a result, the company removed videos in which suggestive dance moves, heavy kissing, and political debate were portrayed.


How TikTok Ensures Your Safety

TikTok says, “we have changed a lot in the recent years. And It’s 2019.”

Back then, they used to apply one-size-fits-all policy for the content guideline. Currently, all US moderation decisions are regulated locally.

The US general manager, Vanessa Papas clarified BBC News, “we’re working hard to extend our capabilities and autonomy. You may have already noticed that our growth is consistent.”

Apart from everything, TikTok has also hired a 3rd party regulator to prevent the leakage of US data.


Is TikTok Trustable? 

“Is TikTok trustable?” You shouldn’t ask this question anymore. According to research and updates, it appears that there’s no harm in using TikTok for the purpose of entertainment. We don’t think there will be any issues regarding this.

These politicians are overthinking the matter. If we start thinking their way, we will get in the vicious circle of anxiety.







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