Is Facebook Dating Safe? 


Is Facebook dating safe?

Are you asking the same question to yourself every day? Well, the Facebook dating feature seems new to many people. The reality is – there was the time when people were using Facebook to get dates. 

It seems that you’re someone new or a more concerned person. 

 Is facebook dating safe?

No problem! It’s always a great idea to stay updated with your privacy. Internet is filled with many dangerous activities. Our privacy is our responsibility. 

Alright! Let’s discuss whether Facebook dating feature is safe or not. 


Is Facebook Dating Any Different Than the Rest of Dating Apps? 

Although it’s Facebook, there isn’t much difference between the Facebook dating app and other dating apps. However, if we talk about privacy – the Facebook dating app would be as safe as any other dating app. 

Facebook always had the potential to get successful as a dating website. Back in 2003, the Facemash before Facebook was pretty much the same thing. 

It’s true that Facebook Dating is available in only some countries at the moment. But still, it will appear in almost every country soon. 


What’s Different About Facebook Dating App? 


Is Facebook Dating Safe if You Don’t Swipe? 

Yes, it’s nothing just a change of feature. It’s not necessary to swipe like a typical dating app. Facebook will automatically show your preferences based on your interests and activities. 

If you won’t swipe, then what would you do? 

Okay, you will have to “opt-in” to participate and the rest will be done by Facebook. 


What’s the Specific Perk?

Facebook dating’s specificity is a good feature. It keeps your safety alive. 

In other words, Facebook matches you with friends of your Facebook friends only. Such a feature helps you meet with legit people. Although this isn’t completely safe, it’s still way safer than dating a totally strange person. 


Get Separate Chat Box and Profile 

We must say – this is one of the critical privacy features everyone needs. Yes, you’re thinking right. They will keep your Facebook profile and Facebook dating profile distinctive. 

According to updates, it appears that the Facebook dating app only shows your first name and age. Nothing else! 

So as a result, nobody will interfere with your non-dating life. 


Is Facebook Dating Safe or not? – The Verdict 

Do you remember what we have just said? 

Facebook Dating is as safe as any other regular dating app. You will be responsible for safety. If you have been dating on other apps, you don’t need to worry much. 

In case, if you’re a newbie, you need to follow some safety measures while dating.  


How to Do Online Dating Safely 

Here we’ve mentioned a few dating safety tips in brief: 

  • Stay sober
  • Try to keep your phone number private 
  • Always meet on a video call first 
  • Don’t reveal much information in the first meeting
  • Tell a friend that you’re going with a date 
  • Always meet in a public place 
  • Either drive yourself or take public transportation. Never rely on the date’s vehicle. 
  • Most importantly, search for your date’s name on the internet. 


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