Huawei P30 vs Samsung A50 – Which is Better?


Huawei P30 vs Samsung A50 – which should I pick?

Are you wondering about this?

As you know, many people prefer Samsung over other brands. If you’re here, there must be a strong reason.

Huawei P30 vs Samsung A50

Although it’s hard to believe, it’s a true fact that there’s a lot of difference between Samsung A50 and Huawei. Most importantly, this difference isn’t only one-sided. In some things, Huawei P30 has the capability to beat Samsung A50.

Instead of beating around the bush, we should look into the features of both phones to pick the best one.


Samsung A50 Features

Samsung A50 is a great phone for those people who want to keep their range neither high nor low. Keeping the price in mind, we must say that this mobile phone is satisfactory if you’ve not used any mid-range mobile so far.

Here’s what you can get from Samsung A50:

  • Processor: The processor of Samsung A50 is Exynos 7 octa. So, forget about the hanging issues


  • Display: It has a long display of 6.4 inches


  • Ram: Along with Exynos 7 octa, 4 GB of ram is there to prevent hanging problems


  • Camera: The front camera of Samsung A50 is 25 MP and the rear is 25 MP + 5 MP + 8 MP


  • Battery Capacity: The battery of Samsung A50 is reliable and durable. Why won’t it be? In fact, it has around 4,000 mAh of battery


  • Operating System: Android Pie


Pros and Cons of Samsung A50

Pros Cons
Impressive appearance Spammy notifications due to bloatware
Amazing display Low-light camera performance may become much better
Durable battery  
Camera features are impeccable  


Huawei P30 Features

Most people believe that Huawei isn’t good at all because it’s not a famous brand like Samsung. Let’s see what it really got.

  • Processor: Huawei P30 has HiSilicon Kirin 980 processor, which is pretty much equivalent to Samsung A50


  • Display: It also has a long and wide display of 6.10 inches


  • Camera: The front camera of Huawei P30 is 32 MP and the rear is 40 MP + 16 MP + 8 MP


  • Battery Capacity: It has a battery life of 3650 mAh, which is less than the Samsung A50


  • Ram: In the same price, you can get 6 GB of ram


  • Operating System: Android Pie


Pros and Cons of Huawei P30

Pros Cons
Impressive appearance Front camera quality isn’t that good
It consists of the fastest fingerprint reader No stereo speakers
Battery life is durable  
Unbeatable ram size  



Huawei P30 vs Samsung A50

A brand is known as a brand for a reason. It takes a lot of courage, efforts, and patience to build a brand. If Samsung is selling its phone at a high price, it doesn’t mean that they’re doing the wrong thing. They truly deserve this.

Yes, Samsung A50 is way better than the Huawei P30. Most of the Samsung A50 features are not available on Huawei P30. Numerically, it seems that the Huawei P30 has great features. The reality is – Samsung A50’s 25 MP camera is way better than the 32 MP camera of the Huawei P30. Besides, there are many small features that can’t be denied.

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