Hong Kong Police is Identifying Criminals Using Artificial Intelligence


Do you know that Hong Kong is well-known for travelling and shopping?

It means various kind of people exists in Hong Kong. Although the natives of Hong Kong are humble, those who arrive here from outside often end up indulging in criminal activities.


Hong Police is Using Artificial Intelligence


For such kind of illegal people, Hong Kong police have adopted an Artificial Intelligence system to recognize their identity. This technology automatically matches up faces from video footages with the help of police databases.

Natives of Hong Kong claim that the Hong Kong Police is using such technology because of the pro-democracy protests, which occurred some months ago.

A Sydney-based company called iOmniscient has made it possible for Hong Kong. In fact, the engineers of the company offered tutorials so that Hong Kong Police can conveniently work with the technology.

The irony is – the software can also scan footage from the closed-circuit television. Such a scan can help Police match plates and faces to its database.

Apart from this, it appears that Artificial Intelligence can’t only help Hong Kong Police track criminals but also manage traffic and find lost children.

Many Hongkongers are arising questions on such a system. They believe that these kinds of technical changes are interfering with the cultural value of the nation.


Hong Kong Police Uses Artificial Intelligence


In fact, some people even wore masks, broke smart lampposts, CCTV cameras, and covered their identity with umbrellas.

Do you know that more than 2,000 protestors messed up on Hong Kong’s streets? Out of these almost 2,000 protestors, the police arrested nearly 100 protestors for violating the mask ban rule.

In addition to this, Hong Kong’s protestors have also used a couple of techniques to face this Chinese artificial intelligence war.

Some smart protestors have adopted virtual private networks on their phones to keep their personal identity safe and encrypted with messengers like Telegram.

When it comes to technology, Japanese, Hongkongers and Chinese people are way ahead.

Telegram is okay, but some protestors have even used laser lights to keep their identity safe from devices.

On the other hand, security forces have used traditional methods to face trouble. According to updates, it appears that they have used tear gas, pepper spray, and rubber bullets to stop the riot.


Is Hong Kong Police Doing the Right Thing? 

Hong Kong Police Uses AI

What do you think about this issue? Is Hong Kong Police Right?

We believe that both strugglers are right. Hong Police is doing their best to prove the fact that they’re following their duties.

If we talk about the civilians, they’re also doing the correct thing to keep their privacy safe.

According to us, both sides should co-operate with each other to find a way to get out of such a disaster.

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