Google bought Fitbit for 2.1 billion dollars


Google is world’s one of the biggest global companies. It always aims to acquire almost everything. It doesn’t matter whether you talk about videos, photos, chats, or even music – it exists everywhere.

Recently, Google has announced that it’s going to spend $2.1 billion for Fitbit.

Google acquired fitbit company

Google is trying to compete head-to-head with Apple. Will it be able to dominate the fitness tracking space? Well, that’s Google’s thing.

Fitbit declared that Google is going to spend $7.35 per share for the sake of acquisition.

According to a press release, it appears that Fitbit has made a bold statement. It clearly denied to share data of its users for Google Ads.

Such type of acquisition is a game-changer for Google because it has been trying to get into the wearables market for years. Finally, the dream is about to come true.

We can’t deny the fact that Fitbit’s hardware cops are excellent. As a result, Google has a robust foundation for upcoming android wearable devices.

If we take a look on the other side, Google’s software skills are as challenging as Fitbit’s hardware skills.

Here’s What Google Hardware Chief Said

Rick Osterloh

The hardware chief of Google, Rick Osterloh recently released a blog post in which he explained that this acquisition can help google achieve its dream for Wear OS.

Now the question is – what Wear OS is?

It’s nothing but another operating system for the smartwatches.


Here’s What You Don’t Know About Google’s Wearable JourneyGoogle Wearables

Fitbit isn’t the only investment that Google made in the past months. In fact, it has also spent around $40 million to buy an unknown smartwatch technology from Fossil group.

Who knows what may appear next? According to our research, it seems that Apple’s smartwatch sales are terribly going to decline. Don’t you know why?

Fitbit’s owner has decided to sell its company for a reason. Perhaps, it wasn’t able to compete with a tech giant like Apple. Although the features of Fitbit are pretty competitive to Apple – people are not recognizing it.

Once Fitbit gets a name like Google, it may turn out as a threat to Apple’s sales.


Will Google Be Able to Utilize Fitbit Well?

If you have a look at the past records, you will get to know that Google wasn’t much successful with the bought hardware.

At this point, two things may happen.

First, Google may out compete Apple because it has worked really hard for the wearables.

Second, it may fail for one more time as usual.

Let’s see what happens. By the way, it would be great if you share your opinions in the comments.


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