13 Interesting Facts About Xiaomi


Some facts about Xiaomi are really worth considering. Gone were the days when Nokia and Samsung where the only players in the mobile industry.

facts about xiaomi

At present – Oppo, Xiaomi, Vivo, and many other similar companies are competing in the market.

Although there are many facts about Xiaomi, the primary fact is – Xiaomi is one of the fastest-growing mobile company.


1. What’s the Meaning of Xiaomi? (One of the Most Surprising Facts About Xiaomi)

Here’s one of the greatest funny facts about Xiaomi.

According to Buddhism, Xiaomi means rice and millet. In other words, we can also say that a small thing that is aiming high.


2. What About Its Stores?

Apart from China, Xiaomi doesn’t have any physical stores across the world. Most of the Xiaomi products are selling online.

Perhaps, the company is doing so to reduce additional cost.


3. What’s Xiaomi Advertising Strategy?

It’s surprising to note that Xiaomi was never interested to promote their products through traditional marketing channels.


4. How Fast Can Xiaomi Sell?

There was the time when Xiaomi sold over 15K Mi 3 smartphones in just 2 seconds.

No, we’re not kidding! In fact, such an event happened in India. When Xiaomi Mi 3 was released, the company was considered as the world’s fastest smartphone company.


5. Who Broke the Guinness World Record?

We bet that you will love this fact about Xiaomi. Back then, Xiaomi was able to sell around 2.1 million smartphones in a single day, which automatically resulted in the domination of Guinness world record.


6. Is Xiaomi Camera Good?

There are rumours that Xiaomi camera has a built-in technology that automatically looks you more amazing.


7. Where is Xiaomi’s International Office?

Do you also think that Xiaomi’s international office is in China?

Well, the truth is – Xiaomi’s international office is in Singapore. It’s there because the owner of Xiaomi believes that the company can get quality feedback from Singapore.


8. What’s Xiaomi’s Logo Mystery?

Yes, the Xiaomi’s logo has a mystery word inside the logo. Once you turn the logo upside down, you will find a Chinese character “心,” which means “heart.”


9. What’s the Value of Xiaomi?

Probably, Xiaomi is the only company, which was able to surpass Uber success. Why won’t it do so? It’s the world’s most valuable startup with a value of $46 billion.


10. How Many Employees Does Xiaomi Has?

Xiaomi has been continuously growing its employees. Currently, the company has employed almost 8,000 employees.



11. What Steve Wozniak Said About Xiaomi

This is one of the weird facts about Xiaomi. Anyway, one of the three founders of Google, Steve Wozniak said, “Xiaomi has fantastic products. Most importantly, they’re good enough to manipulate the American market.”


12. What’s the Business Model of Xiaomi?

According to research, it appears that the Xiaomi is utilizing a triathlon business model where three key areas exist: internet services, new retail, and hardware.


13. Who is Apple?

You may not believe this fact of Xiaomi. But still, the natives of China often consider Xiaomi like Apple. Chinese people love Xiaomi the way Americans love Apple.



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