Stay Out of Jail with 3 WhatsApp Privacy Features


Are you aware of the Pegasus?

It’s okay if you don’t. It’s nothing just another virus that can directly get into your phone through WhatsApp for the purpose of profit.

whatsapp privacy features

According to law, if you found out to be with guilty ones on WhatsApp, you’re also going to jail. And yes, we’re not kidding. It’s legally true.

If someone has added you to such a group where things like drugs, guns, or even escorts services go on – you may get arrested based on your country’s rules and regulations.

Similarly, there are many Whatsapp privacy features and issues that are needed to be addressed. Are you curious to know? Well, come along!


  1. Limit the Viewer of Your DP

Believe it or not! Old is really gold. Although this method of keeping your privacy alive is old, it’s still the best one to prevent unknown people from using your DP for wrong deeds.

Here’s how you can change the privacy of your DP – Settings > Account > Privacy > Profile Photo. Now change from “everyone” to “my contacts.”

Apart from this, you can also hide the status to make your privacy stronger.


  1. Prevent People From Adding You to A Particular Group

Let’s take it the offline way. As you know, different kind of people and communities exist around us. Some are truly amazing and some are not good at all.

Will you join any company without making sure? If you’re in the wrong group, you will also be considered as wrong.

According to law, if you found out to be in such a group where drugs, arms, and nudity originates, you will be found guilty. However, rules and regulation are different. You should know about your country’s rule.

To stay on the safe side, you should block people from adding you to any WhatsApp group.

Here’s what you need to do: Account> Privacy > Groups

In the group section, you will observe “my contacts except” option somewhere in the middle of “everyone” and “my contacts.”

If you select “my contacts except,” the groups’ admins will have to send a private invitation to add you in their group.


  1. Report Unwanted People As Soon As Possible

If someone is trying to convey a wrong message to you, you shouldn’t ignore it. Instead of moving on, you should ban such people right away.

Spam messages are as bad as they feel. If someone is selling any illegal product to you, you will be found guilty unless you report. So, make sure you report them before anything goes wrong.


Our Safety is Only Our Responsibility

At present, society is as dangerous as you can imagine. Nobody is going to help you out unless you help yourself in the first place.

What we have just told you is an essential factor for your security. Pay attention to it. After all, we can’t deny the fact that going to jail without committing a crime hurts more than a breakup.

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