13 Fun Facts About Artificial Intelligence


Alright! One of the biggest fun facts about artificial intelligence is – In the last decade, artificial intelligence has become a common thing.

Why won’t it get? In fact, it has helped us in solving various issues. We human beings often get attached to things that solve our problems.

fun facts about artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is just like electricity. A solution for everyday life.

In this post, we’re going to reveal X fun facts about artificial intelligence.


  1. In 1995, a professor named John McCarthy from the Stanford University coined the term Artificial Intelligence.


  1. More than 80% of companies believe that AI will make them a better competitor.


  1. Many types of computer learning fall within the circle of AI.


  1. The global automobile market is driving $127 billion of revenue with the help of AI.

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  1. According to the PwC report, it seems that the AI is going to contribute more than $15 trillion of money to the world economy.


  1. Have you ever purchased any product online? Perhaps, you may have bought those things because of AI. Yes, the CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos has recently decided to use AI for recommending products to their customers.


  1. Do you know that the processor war has already started? The company called Alphabet has begun by creating its own AI process, which is known as TPU (Tensor Processing Unit).


  1. A well-known Silicon Valley investor, Vinod Khosla claims that AI can replace doctors by the year 2035. Anyway, it’s surprising to note that the Vinod Khosla also has some evidence to support his statement.


  1. Research has shown that most of the AI are females. Why? Well, perhaps human prefer the sound of a woman more.


  1. By 2025, AI pets will be available across the globe. Such pets will be problem-free. You won’t have to clean them up or feed them.


  1. AI isn’t just a robotic thing. It’s way beyond that because it can repair itself.


  1. Some researchers believe that one day AI can become smarter than human beings. However, it seems a theory. What do you think? Let’s us know in the comments below.


  1. Humans are going to fall in love with Artificial intelligence. Don’t you think this is one of the best fun facts about artificial intelligence on this list?


Here is one of the Most Important Fun Facts About Artificial Intelligence

Do you know who Stephen Hawking is? Yes, we’re talking about one of the greatest scientists of all times.

He believes that the AI systems will vanish away various jobs. The only reason for such structural change is automation. We human beings do tasks manually. On the other hand, machines automatically complete tasks.


How Can We Deal with Artificial Intelligence?

So, you’re worried about your job. Right?

Back then, one of our colleagues said, “If you want to beat the bots, you got to know how such bots float.”

In the above-said quote, float means work. You should know how Artificial Intelligence works and what are its weaknesses. Once you hold a grip on it, you will be able to save your job.

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